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Our Philosophy
We are developing a network of unique bioinformatics resources. These will provide researchers with the bioinformatics armaments required to query, analyse and integrate findings from the literature, from publicly-available data, from in-house data and from experimental data generated using BCNTB samples.

Available Data
Literature database Contains data manually curated from the published articles. Information about samples, genes, transcripts, proteins, probesets, miRNAs and biological features reported in each experiment are available for querying.



Cutts RJ., Guerra-Assuncao JA., Gadaleta E., Dayem Ullah AZ., Chelala C. BCCTBbp: The Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank bioinformatics portal. Nucleic Acids Res 2015;43:D831-D836


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Analysis Tools

This is an integrated analytical layer that has been developed to facilitate the tailored analysis of key datasets. Here, researchers are able to pose questions not addressed in the original publications simply and efficiently.

Currently, the analytical portal hosts data from 2,574 samples obtained from breast cancer studies, covering cancer samples, normal samples and high-risk samples. Researchers have access to the re-analysed data and are able to focus results to a gene(s) of interest.

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